Buonomano Capital Construction was established in 2006 as an electrical construction and consulting company. As an organization we serve our clients and customers with the highest level of integrity while also valuing the success of all our projects. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our personnel, visitors to all our construction sites and offices, and to the protection of members of the communities we work in.

01. Our Vision

  • To be one of the leading black-woman owned businesses in the Electrical construction industry;
  • To ensure that the best interest of our clients and customers are served at all times;
  • To ensure that all our personnel maintain a professional approach, attitude and behavior towards all clients and members of the communities;
  • To contribute to a safe and healthy working environment for employees, clients, customers and the surrounding communities by reducing our carbon footprint and pursuing a low carbon growth;
  • To promote our staff to supervisory and management positions should they prove competent;
  • To help provide sustainable electricity solutions to improve the quality of the South African lives;
  • To setting up for success.

02. Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services that serve to improve the quality of our customers life by partnering to keep the lights on. Our approach is a sensitive, effective, efficient and professional manner while also promoting a culture of safety, health and being environmentally conscious.

03. Our Value

  • Zero harm; Zero fatalities; Zero lost time injuries; Zero restricted work and medical treatments, Injury cases and Zero total reportable injury frequency
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Humanity
  • Customer Satisfaction

04. Our Approach

Our knowledge and experience allow us to plan and analyse each project from every angle using a collaborative and efficient planning process. Our aim is to always meet and where possible exceed our clients and customers expectations by delivering high quality projects on time every time, build with integrity.

We take pride and ownership in every project.

Buonomano Capital Construction brings together a team of experienced specialists

Electrical Engineers, Project Managers, Site Supervisors, Foremen, Technicians, Electricians, Linesmen and administration staff who have vast experience in numerous projects undertaken whilst under the employ of their previous various companies.

We are not only known for delivering high quality projects but for turning our construction sites into learning spaces while maintaining a culture of safety by continuously being each other’s keeper.


Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa

Compensation Fund/Workman’s Compensation
Compensation Fund/Workman’s Compensation

B-BBEE Level 1

CertificatesHigh Voltage Regulation Certificates

cidbCIDB 6EP PE grade

Our Clients

City Power
City of Ekurhuleni