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Overhead Power Distribution

Overhead Power Distribution

Not only have we reticulated new overhead power Distribution and Subtransmission lines for the connection of residential, small commercial customers, and very large consumers, we have also been involved in the upgrading and maintenance of the existing Medium and High Voltage structures of up to and including 11kV -132kV.

Household Electrification

Household Electrification

Over the years, we have established ourselves in being one of the leading electrical construction companies and have successfully completed and commissioned household electrical installations within urban, remote and rural areas.

Energy Savings

In conjunction with the electrical installations, we also present the awareness and the purpose of saving electricity to the consumers by introducing the distribution and installation of prepaid and smart meters as well as the use of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) that consume about 80% less electricity than normal incandescent lamps and last more than six times longer. This initiative provides participating residents with the opportunity to a total energy saving of up to 7.85kWh perday or 2861.5kWh per annum, per household.

Vegetation Management

Without causing unnecessary environmental damage and without impacting on the rights of landowners and other interested and affected parties, We manage and maintain vegetation within distribution and transmission power lines servitudes, open lands, and rights of ways by using the practice of removing or modifying live, dead, or overly dense vegetation, stands of invasive weeds, etc. This is so to reduce the potential spread of wildland fire ignitions, overall rates of wildland fire spread, flame lengths, and catastrophic fire severity.


LV and MV distribution power line maintenanc

Our greatest objective is to continue to achieve the best safety performance in the business. We provide our greatest assets, our people, with the best personal protective equipment and training in order to achieve this mission. For each and every project, a site-specific plan, a baseline hazard identification and risk assessment are developed.

Project Management

In addition to our plans, all communication remains open and ongoing, throughout the life of a project, between the project team and management for a successful and a safe constructing program.

Other Service

Prepaid Meter

LV and MV distribution power line maintenance (11kV – 132kV)
Maintenance of Substations
Metering Disconnections and Reconnections
Meter Readings and Auditing
Installation of street lights
Testing of household electrical installations
Structure Wood Pole replacement
Rock Drilling (structure poles)
Pre-paid meter Installations


Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa

Compensation Fund/Workman’s Compensation
Compensation Fund/Workman’s Compensation

B-BBEE Level 1

CertificatesHigh Voltage Regulation Certificates

cidbCIDB 6EP PE grade

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